Individual 1-1 Print Workshops

"Just wanted to say too that it was a real treat and privilege to spend a day in your studio and discover the stories behind your work — thank you so much for your generosity in expertise, time and delicious soup! Your ability to blend instruction with encouragement successfully teased out our slender creative abilities and enabled us to produce work that we could carry home with pride - the workshop was 100% enjoyment even during the tricky bits!"

Charlotte 1-1 Drypoint and Lino Printmaking Workshop Oct 18

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Preparing an image at a printmaking workshop
Preparing an image at a printmaking workshop

Individual printmaking workshops on a 1-1 basis are available throughout the year at times to suit you. Prices start from £50 for a midweek evening workshop through to £180 for a weekend, full-day printmaking workshop. Click the button below to see the options available and to purchase a workshop voucher or contact me to discuss your requirements in more detail. Once a voucher has been purchased I will contact you to arrange a printmaking workshop at your convenience.

1-1 printmaking workshops are a little more expensive than group workshops for obvious reasons, however, these workshops include much more personal attention and can be tailored very specifically to meet the needs and ability of the individual. Vouchers can be purchased for a workshop and then a date and time for the workshop can be booked to suit. Dates and times are much more flexible as the larger group studio will not need to be booked in advance and workshops can be held over an evening, collection of evenings, a weekday or a weekend depending on your availability and what you want to achieve. Workshops will take place in New Mills, Derbyshire.

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