Super Seconds Festival

Ever look at indie businesses and wish you could buy EVERYTHING but realise that you can't do that with every one or you'd be super skint?!  Well, Super Seconds Festival is your chance to grab a bargain from lots of different indie makers all at once!

super seconds festival

Up To 40% Off Seconds

Many independent makers have seconds and misprints that just don't go quite right and normally a lot of these are sold off at fairs at bargain prices. Concentrating on my website recently I haven't done as many fairs as usual so I am doing it online instead.


This is a unique online opportunity to grab a bargain from LOTS of independent businesses all at once and I am so pleased to be taking part in this next Super Seconds Festival event organised by Sophie Greenwood @inkandbear

Additional 10% Off Everything

In addition to my seconds discounts of up to 40%, you can also get a further 10% off ALL items in my shop including the seconds listed here! Simply enter the code below at the checkout and press REDEEM to activate this discount during the Super Seconds Festival. My seconds prints are 'slight seconds' only and are unlikely to even notice slight differences in these to other prints but as a bit of a perfectionist I do and therefore do not want to charge full price creating a real bargain for you. My 'end of line' prints are all great quality, I would just like to make room for new work! Thank you so much and happy shopping!



FREE UK Postage

 All items in my shop including these seconds and end of line bargains also come with FREE UK POSTAGE!

Original Print Slight Seconds / Older Stock / End of Line

These original prints include older and end of line stock and slight misprints although all are exceptional quality. As each print is so unique due to the printmaking process, each one may vary very slightly to the print shown here.Only unframed prints are available in the Super Seconds Festival sale.


Each original print and pin badge below is listed at its normal price. Please use the code above to redeem your 40% off the listed price, thank you!

Enamel Pin Slight Seconds

Due to the manufacturing process I have a small selection of enamel pin badges with small (Hardly noticeable) defects. These pin badges with no defects will be available immediately after Super Seconds Festival!