Black Bear Screen Prints

Some of my earliest screen prints were inspired by the 3-part documentary series 'The Bear Family and Me' which follows wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan as he spends a year with a family of wild black bears in the forests of Minnesota. Under the guidance of biologists Lynn Rodgers and Sue Mansfield of the North American Bear Centre he follows the Bears during the 3 seasons of spring, summer and autumn. Gordon arrives in the forests of Minnesota in spring just as the bears are coming out of their dens. Before he can start filming he faces a major challenge - to earn the bears' trust. He must overcome his own fear, black bears have a dangerous reputation and attack more people than any other bear in the world. But once he meets Lily, an easy-going young mother bear and her cub Hope, Gordon is smitten. I was also smitten and set about portraying this wonderful series into original screen prints.