Hope - Boat In A Bottle Wall Art

hope ship in a bottle wall art
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An original hand printed sailing boat in a bottle with a seagull flying above, a vision of hope. The title of this screen print is 'Hope'. In these torrid times, there's hope. I created this 4 colour screen print in conjunction with @johnapedder #oneofmanypostcard , a lovely kind initiative that encourages printmakers and artists to create a small postcard image that is given away and in return for one the recipient makes a donation to a charity of their choice. 16 of these prints were given away to people that put their names forward and everyone donated to a charity of their choice. I love ships in bottles, I will share some of mine with you soon! The message in this image displays in a simple vision of hope during difficult times, something many of us have been experiencing this year during the pandemic. 

'Hope' boat in a bottle wall art


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