Printmaking In Paradise - Getting There

8th - 15th October 2022


It is up to you to arrange your own transport to Faro Airport in Portugal for the holiday. There are a number of airlines providing outward flights on 8th October 2022 and return flights on 15th October 2022 including Ryanair, EasyJet and Jet2 to and from a number of UK main airports including Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, East Midlands, Glasgow, Leeds - Bradford, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle and more. Please be aware that prices for all of these flights fluctuate on a regular basis

Transfer Included Arrivals

The cost of the holiday includes a 1.5 hour transfer to the accommodation from Faro airport. I have negotiated this transfer by getting people to arrive around the same time and travel as a group rather than pay individual transfers. You will be collected by our host Frank McClintock in his 9 seater people carrier so this is a great way to start the holiday as we get to know our host and your companions for the week. I have listed flights below that arrive around this time. As you will be travelling as a group the earliest flight arrivals may need to wait up to 2.5 hours for the transfer although hopefully average waiting times will be much less and we wont be leaving without anyone so bring a book just incase! 

Departure Airport Departs Arrives Airline Price From
Birmingham 06:00 08:50 Ryanair £108.00
Dublin 06:45 09:35 Ryanair £114.00
East Midlands 07:40 10:40 Jet2 £118.00
Glasgow 06:40 10:05 Jet2 £297.00
Leeds Bradford 08:15 11:25 Jet2 £196.00
Liverpool 08:15 12:35 EasyJet £120.00
London Luton 06:40 09:30 EasyJet £102.00
London Stansted 07:35 10:25 Ryanair £140.00
Manchester 06:45 09:50 Jet2 £156.00

Prices correct as of 01/01/2022. Please note that these prices will change over time and early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Transfer Included Departure

The cost of the holiday includes a 1.5 hour transfer back to Faro airport. Our host Frank McClintock will be doing a transfer leaving the accommodation at approximately 7.15 am (or earlier) or alternatively this could be a group afternoon transfer. This should be in time to meet the following flights although there are many more flights leaving later in the day as long as you still have some of that book left to read at the airport or if you fancy a few hours sightseeing around Faro.

Departure To Departs Arrives Airline Price From
Birmingham 10:20 13:10 Ryanair £108.00
Dublin 20.05 22.55 Ryanair £114.00
East Midlands 10:20 13:10 Ryanair £118.00
Glasgow 19:40 22:55 Jet2 £297.00
Leeds Bradford 11:10 14:15 Ryanair £196.00
Liverpool 10:30 13:25 EasyJet £120.00
London Stansted 10:55 13.45 Ryanair £140.00
Manchester 10.30 13:25 Ryanair £156.00

Other Flights

The above flights all aim to arrive and depart Faro airport within a few hours of each other to share a group transfer to and from our accommodation. I understand, however, that people may wish to fly at alternative times and flights may sell out so it may be necessary to arrange a later / earlier flight or even the day before. There are many more flights available with each of these airlines as well as a handful of others with British Airways and a handful of other airlines on our arrival and departure days. If you wish to book a different flight I will be happy to arrange a separate transfer for you. However, this is likely to be with a 3rd party taxi company and you will be expected to cover the cost of this transfer. I will try to link alternate transfers up if possible to minimise the cost of your transfer and will advise you ahead of your holiday of the arrangements and likely cost.