Press Release - From Latex Martians To Humourous Animal Prints

Released 02/01/2017

New to the BCTF (British Craft Trade Fair) this year, Lucy Gell has had an interesting career since her early days as a puppet maker and animator at the award winning Cosgrove Hall Films in Manchester.

Lucy studied art and design before joining Cosgrove Hall. Lucy made puppets used in the animation process before animating herself. Lucy worked on shows such as Noddy, Postman Pat, Andy Pandy and Bob The Builder.

Lucy’s puppet making and animation career was full of fun and laughter no more so when she was responsible for fabricating one of the latex Martians in the Tim Burton film ‘Mars Attacks’. During her early career Lucy quickly learnt how to create character in her creations using subtle techniques which are clearly evident in her printmaking today.

Lucy left her animation career when she gave birth to her twins but with her first career on hold Lucy soon got itchy feet and started another career in printmaking which she could do from home working around the new additions to her family. Surrounded by a menagerie of pets it is clear that Lucy loves animals and what better subjects to inspire her printmaking.

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