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I am constantly on the look out for positive press exposure. I am keen to get free editorial in areas relevant to my work although please do not bombard me with offers of paid advertising as I prefer to concentrate paid advertising on my own website, Etsy, Folksy, social media and exhibition space. Please find below links to articles that press contacts might like to use to build an editorial story and a selection of photographs that you can use. 


High resolution versions of other images on my site may be available upon request. Please send me a copy of anything you wish to publish for approval. Thanks


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Photos Of Me

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Photos Of My Work

For other photos of my work see my art work gallery and shop sections. If you see another photo you want to use please contact me with the URL and I will provide you with a high resolution version.

Photos Of The Printmaking Process

Press Releases

Humourous Original Animal Prints Bursting With Fun and Character 02/04/2017

As a newcomer to the BCTF this year, Lucy Gell is likely to turn a few heads as she brings her own unique style to the show. All work comes with 3 essential ingredients - a bucketful of care, lashings of humour and a sprinkling of madness

From Latex Martians To Humourous Animal Prints 02/04/2017

An interesting career progression that led from making latex martians to developing fun and humourous animal prints

A Studio With A View 02/01/2017

Discover how I built a printmaking studio in my garden. From initial concept through to final result with step by step explanation of the process, detailed costs, supplier links and a humorous insight into the busy Gell household which houses with 7 children, 2 dogs, 5 cats and 3 guinea pigs! Don't reinvent the wheel find out how I did it!

Artsbeat Blog

Read the blog done by Artsbeat magazine about me following my studio article above. Words by the lovely Amanda Penman at