Printmaking Talks

I have done a number of talks to art societies and interested groups about how I became a printmaker from my early days in my previous career in children's TV animation working on shows such as Noddy, Postman Pat, Bob The Builder, Andy Pandy and the Tim Burton classic film Mars Attacks and then why I left animation to become a printmaker and how my previous work influenced my new career. Over the course of 2 hours I hope there is something for everyone with my informal humourous style with lots of insight into the technical side of my work alongside what I hope is an interesting human story as I discuss balancing family life with my career. In my talk I will


- talk about my work as a printmaker

- talk about my previous career as an animator and how it has influenced my work

- talk about the different printmaking processes I use in my work including drypoint etching, acid plate etching, screenprinting and collograph

- pass around samples of work produced using each process

- briefly demonstrate the drypoint etching process using a portable press

- talk about selling my work through direct selling at exhibitions, on-line selling and galleries and stockists


If you would like me to talk to your group or society then please contact me. I am happy to talk for a couple of hours in an evening then if you want to explore things in more detail later I would happy to come back and do a full workshop for your group.