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New Look Animal Art Website!

new animal art website design by Simple Art Marketing
My New Animal Art Website

I now have a brand new look for my website. My partner Paul Herschell of Simple Art Marketing has helped me implement the changes that were needed to give the look I have been wanting to achieve. There is a strong emphasis on using the branding colours I have been using so some time now. Orange and grey signify what I feel is me and my brand. I'm really pleased with how it now looks. 


Christmas Ideas For You And Yours.

Whether its fun Christmas cards, 3D bird or 3D creature cards, dogs, cats, bears, owls, chickens and other birds, bats or foxes there is something for every animal lover with a sense of humour! I have Christmas gift ideas for everyone.


My dates for ordering this Christmas are as follows.


Collection 19th December

UK Postal Orders 15th December

International Postal Orders 9th December


Have a Merry Christmas to you all. Lucy x





Paw Prints Book by Mascot Publishing.


I have some exciting news...I'm going to be in print! To be exact, my work is to be included in a forthcoming publication by Alan and Marion Marshall from Mascot Publishing. ⁠


Following on from the success of 'The Artful Hare and 'The Printmakers Cat' they about to publish a book called  'Paw Prints' A lovely collection of images of dogs from some of the UK's finest printmakers. I'm so pleased and excited they decided to include me!⁠


I can't wait to see the finished book with my work alongside so many other talented printmakers, many of which I know myself!⁠

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Print Giveaway

To celebrate the NEW YEAR and almost 1000 followers it’s time for a celebratory print giveaway in Instagram! All 4 prints are designed and printed by hand ... by me.


The winner can choose ANY ONE PRINT from the images below. Read further for entry rules. 


Starts 7pm (GMT) Wednesday 9th January

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Manchester Print Fair - Hat works.

This coming February the 2nd I will be exhibiting for the first time at the Manchester Print Fair. This is taking place at the Hat Works in Stockport, just down the road from where I live. 


I really looking forward to taking part in this event along with 29 other printmakers and people that love print. I'm sure their will be some familiar faces there. Please come along and say hi if you're in Stockport that day.


Brand New Enamel Pins

These charming fun animal soft enamel pin badges have been designed from some of my limited edition screenprints and etchings. Soft Enamel Pin Badges have the enamel placed in the recess of the stamped badge and when baked leave a nice dip which raises the metal above the enamel to give an extra dimension to the image. A charming gift for the animal lover. I have two different enamel pins available, Cat Scratch and Tom Cat. Click here to buy.


Haddon Hall Winter Artisan Market

Christmas preparations are in full swing at Haddon Hall this weekend with a Winter Artisan Market. I will be there exhibiting with a fine selection of makers and designers. A great way to start your Christmas shopping this weekend in a venue with some awesome character! Come along if you are free.

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Did I Really Just Do That One?

Wow - my 1st capital city exhibition! What a great event and what a venue to exhibit at Cardiff City Hall with Made By Hand Wales from 3rd - 5th November. With nearly 150 top class designer and makers from across Wales and the UK - what great company!

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Printmaking Workshop Holiday In Portugal

printmaking workshop holiday portugal

I am really excited to announce a new printmaking workshop holiday that I will be running in Portugal from 2nd - 9th June 2018. It is in an idyllic location in the mountains above Faro on the edge of the most beautiful lake. There will be 5 half days of printmaking with lots of time left to bird and nature watch, walk, sail, canoe, swim or just relax in these remote idyllic surroundings. The holiday will be full board with amazing home cooked international cuisine. Click here to find out more.

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Look Who Liked My Bears

Anyone who has took an interest in my bear prints will know that these are heavily inspired by the 3 part documentary 'The Bear Family and Me' which follows wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan as he spends a year with a family of wild black bears in the forests of Minnesota.


Last night I had the privilege to meet Gordon when he came to Buxton Opera House to do his talk 'Animal Families and Me' about his work and particularly animal families that he has filmed. At the interval I met with Gordon and presented him with a copy of my Standing Bear and Walking Bear black bear screenprints.

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Up To 35% Off - Flash Sale Humourous Dog Etchings

Dog etching print flash sale Lucy Gell

As people head off on their summer holidays it can be a quiet purchasing time in the printmaking world whilst people's minds (and finances) are concentrating on other things so what better time to hold my summer 7 day flash sale. So for 7 DAYS ONLY I am slashing the price of 2 of my best selling dog prints (because I am nice like that!).

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Up To 35% Off - Fun Cat Prints Flash Sale

Flash sale cat print Lucy Gell

As people head off on their summer holidays it can be a quiet purchasing time in the printmaking world whilst people's minds (and finances) are concentrating on other things so what better time to hold my summer 7 day flash sale. So for 7 DAYS ONLY I am slashing the price of 2 of my best selling cat prints (because I am nice like that!).


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3D Creature Cards

Here is one of my brand new 3D Creature cards. I designed them earlier this year at the beginning of spring. I decided to start with four designs, two wild creatures and two creatures that live in the home. Which I have many of! So I designed a Border Collie and a cat.

I'm so pleased with the results and I'm planning to add to the range.

So watch this space...

Workshop Bookings Now Open

Bookings links are now available to book several workshops throughout the rest of the year. I will be running group workshops for drypoint etching and monoprinting, collograph and linocut printmaking. Workshop availability is currently available between May and December but please book on-line ASAP as places are limited. All workshop links released today will take place here in New Mills, High Peak although workshops in other areas may be added later. Please contact me if you would like to discuss setting up a group workshop for your organisation.


Twit Twoo

Above the pines - Owl Etching print by Lucy Gell
Above the pines - Owl Etching print by Lucy Gell

Hot off the press...a new Owl etching inspired by my three dimensional birds. I'm looking forward to a days printing to fine tune the overall look of the new etching.

This will be on show at The British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate at the beginning of April 2017.


BCTF Preparations At Full Speed

British craft trade fair harrogate
British craft trade fair harrogate

I am exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair 2nd - 4th April. Its the first time I have done this event after many years of working directly with the general public and a small number of galleries. It feels like the right time now to attract more trade buyers and move my business forward. A little bit nervous of what to expect but I am sure it will be a fantastic show for me!


Exciting Delivery To The Royal Exchange

Today I delivered a selection of framed work to the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, which will be on display in the Craft Shop from Tuesday 10th January until the end of February.


The Royal Exchange Theatre shop has sold contemporary, stunning, handmade, unique and affordable pieces by talented British makers, artists and craftspeople for over 30 years. 


I have to admit I have been a little excited about it! 

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Great news!

Yesterday Evening I got the email to say that once more...for next year..I will be exhibiting At The Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Festival in June. Very exciting. 


My Poshest Exhibition To Date!

The Animal Craft Exhibition Gallery At Cartwright Hall
The Animal Craft Exhibition Gallery At Cartwright Hall

Well chuffed to be invited to exhibit at the Animal Craft exhibition at Cartwright Hall from 10/12/16 - 10/05/17.


Browse and buy from a handpicked selection. Peruse unique, bespoke pieces of work.


Animal Craft is a feast for the eyes this Christmas and into the new year. If you're passionate about craft - you'll love this mix of wall and cabinet based work.

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Little Northern 4th December

Last show of the year coming up this weekend. The Little Northern takes place this weekend on Sunday 4th December at Altrincham Town Hall. The Great Northern was a brilliant show for me back in October and this smaller event comes from the same organisers and is likely to have a similar caliber of talent. A great opportunity for some Christmas shopping and to touch and feel some Lucy Gell work you might be thinking of buying over the internet this Christmas. Hope you can make it.

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I'm In!

I'm in and well chuffed! Got my acceptance into the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair yesterday its not until October but what with this and the Contemporary Craft Festival at Bovey Tracey, Devon in June it is turning into a very exciting year of big new firsts this year!


The final piece in the chicken fox trilogy

... and here is 'Squawk', the final piece in the 3 piece set which also includes Cluck and Mr Fox. Like Cluck this chicken also has enough attitude not to be too intimidated by Mr Fox despite looking slightly more startled by him. Maybe she has been caught a little off guard in the first instance but she is ready to quickly stand her ground against him for disturbing her?


Guess What 'Mr Fox' Was Looking At?

Well here she is - meet 'Cluck'. This is who I had in mind when I created 'Mr Fox'. Cluck is no ordinary chicken though - she is a chicken with attitude that can be just as menacing as Mr Fox so he had better watch out! Hope you like it. Watch out for another chicken image to make up a nice set of 3 with Cluck and Mr Fox soon!


Something new.

Sly menacing Fox art etching print
Sly menacing Fox art etching print

Here is an etching I have been thinking of doing for a while and I have some equally menacing poultry inspired images in the pipeline that will be staring right back at this Mr Fox


Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow!

What a treacherous commute to work...well it did go in my socks! Hopefully that is the last of it. I have to say it is very cosy in my studio when it's snowing. It was a great day!


I Got One!

Well I started my blog off several months ago with 'I want one' and today 'I got one'! This is what the builders left me with this afternoon - my very own studio at long last! There is still lots of painting, electrics and so on before I officially move in but I am one step nearer. Watch this space over the next few weeks!

RHS Malvern Spring Show

Lucy Gell showing her cat, dog, whippet, bird, bear and animal prints

Just finished my first day exhibiting at the 2015 RHS Malvern Spring Show. Weather picked up somewhat after the previous day. A few old and new customers today. Looking to meet more over the next 3 days of the show.


Planning application invalid - again!

Argh! Another letter from the planners again today. This time my planning application is invalid because despite including detailed hand drawn plans of the site and professional drawings of the construction from Keops I have not purchased and submitted 'ordinance survey' location and site plans!

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Planning Application Invalid!

Oh dear. Things are never straightforward are they? Having spent ages checking and double checking the planning application form it turns out that I have sent in payment for the wrong amount. Instead of submitting the required £179 or whatever it was for a planning application I have sent in a £59 payment which relates to a different process altogether.

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Planning Is In

Just completed the planning permission forms for the new studio ready to post first thing Monday morning. Fingers crossed!


But How Will It Really Look In The Garden?

OK so I have the plans and it all looks great on paper but how will it really look in the garden? Will it be too big, too small, cause a nuisance? Solution - get my partners son Tim to build a full scale model of the studio and our and neighbouring gardens including existing boundary fencing and allowing for the different heights due to the hill we are on etc. Really gives a much clearer picture now of how it will all look. Crossing fingers and toes at this point!


Studio Plans Back

Got the plans for the studio back from Keops today. Full quote for everything that I had specified and professional drawings that can be used for planning permission if I need it. Looking good


New studio - here I come!

A new milestone reached today. I have sent detailed plans to a company to build my new studio. A long way to go yet, detailed drawings, costs, getting planning permission, preparing the site, building and then fitting out but it all seems so much closer today! So excited!


I Want One!

Been thinking about a studio for a while now. Need the space in the house for the growing family and its just not working out using the kitchen table for printing, rushing to get everything out, used and then put away again in between family meals! I need some purpose built space to unleash my creativity! I have been looking at studio log cabins from a company called Keops and getting really excited then today I visited a friend that has built one as her own studio which you can see here.

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