Planning application invalid - again!

Argh! Another letter from the planners again today. This time my planning application is invalid because despite including detailed hand drawn plans of the site and professional drawings of the construction from Keops I have not purchased and submitted 'ordinance survey' location and site plans!

'Official' ordinance survey location and site maps can be purchased directly from the planning department for £30.72 and £30.00 respectively if I cannot obtain my own! Forget that - I found an internet company at who have charged me £23.76 for the pair. Goes to show its always worth looking for a second quote! Purchased these, added a few red and blue lines as per the planners instructions, marked a few nearby trees, 4 copies of each and back to the planners now to hopefully start the process properly or better still tell me that I don't need planning permission. Everything crossed once more!

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