I Want One!

Been thinking about a studio for a while now. Need the space in the house for the growing family and its just not working out using the kitchen table for printing, rushing to get everything out, used and then put away again in between family meals! I need some purpose built space to unleash my creativity! I have been looking at studio log cabins from a company called Keops and getting really excited then today I visited a friend that has built one as her own studio which you can see here.

I was looking at a similar footprint so it was great to stand inside to get a feel for what it might be like before looking into it further. My friend chose a 'cottage' style which has a much taller roof than I would choose in my own garden as I am not as lucky for space to place something quite so tall right next to neighbours gardens on 3 sides but by losing some of the scope for attic space going for the lower roofed 'classic' style, making it slightly narrower and slightly longer I should get a similar working space.

Still a long way to go. I need to specify exactly what I want now. Look at all the options available (and believe me there are a lot of options available). Get a quote for something affordable and then look at planning permission. I am hoping at this stage that planning permission may not be required but the rules are not 100% clear right now so I could be borderline. Fingers crossed it will all work out just how I want it.

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